The Voice of Britney Spears

The Voice of Britney Spears
Guest blog by Britney fan, Kiersten Willis

When Britney Spears first burst onto our TV screens in 1993 on The All New Mickey Mouse Club, she showcased strong, mature vocals — rare for an 11-year-old girl. Fast forward to 1999 with the release of her debut album, …Baby One More Time, filled with fabulous bubblegum pop songs infused with a hint of soul on songs like “Soda Pop” and “E-Mail My Heart.” Soon came her follow-up album, Oops!... I Did It Again, where her voice was a bit of a departure from ...Baby, though there were still some soulful gems like “Where Are You Now” and “Dear Diary.” But by 2001, with the release of Britney, her voice would take on a more edgy and produced tone. The “Britney brand” came to focus more on dance/pop tracks and less on ballads.

In 2003, Britney recorded In the Zone, which reflected her maturity as a woman and as an artist. This is my favorite album to date because of its artistry and experimental value — I like to think this album launched the dance-pop craze that remains popular to this day. The synths make for great movin' and groovin', especially on the sensual "Touch of My Hand." Britney redeems herself vocally on songs like “Everytime” and my favorite, “Shadow.” With 2007’s Blackout, Britney’s voice is even more synthesized, and the tracks have more of an urban/club feel. One thing that can be said about her fifth studio album is that her strong vocals make a statement on some songs, like on the bridges of “Gimme More” and one of BRITannica's favorites, “Get Naked (I Got A Plan).”

Yet all hope wasn’t lost for those fans who prefer Britney's sweeter, soulful ballads. Circus-era Britney took a bigger step in this direction — including more ballads on this album, such as "Out From Under," "My Baby" and "Unusual You," much to my delight. I’m hoping Britney’s seventh studio album will continue to take this course, letting Britney’s true voice shine through, as it is what makes me love her most!

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