Piece Of Me

>03/02/11 - 12:26pm

Piece Of Me

For use on the new 2.0 reskin

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By mathtimms | 11/04/14 - 02:11AM

SUCKER !!xx...

By mathtimms | 10/28/14 - 07:10PM

U like own moi !!xx...

By mathtimms | 05/07/14 - 10:05AM

... till I found U.

By mathtimms | 11/29/13 - 12:11PM

sexy dancin' !!

By jesica britarmy | 08/10/13 - 01:08AM

<3 ver good britney C:

By DiBestess | 05/05/13 - 03:05PM

I discover lots of things about reality because that is what sort of person I am, so when I found out about Japanese people doing strange pathetic disgraceful stuff on the internet. I had to look into it. Life isn't fair so I'd say there's some negativety about South Koreans to apparently. They have this doll that farts (yuk) and even poops (more revolting) and as far as I know at the moment there is a story associated with farting, some tale and a game. Well it doesn't really seem to be such a big deal to me, I've seen worse especially off the Japanese, Americans, Brazilians, Canadians, French, Germans, British and Italians with real video footage or just pictures doing revolting things on camera. Like I said I saw a picture of a Japanese woman brushing her teeth with big chunks of s***, now that's f***ing worse. There doesn't even seem to be much Korean pornography on the internet in general. I think there tends to be more Korean gay porn than straight porn. So I'm not put off Koreans because of that doll that's just a piece of plastic. It's probably a disgrace to a lot of Koreans too.

By DiBestess | 05/05/13 - 11:05AM

Things that relate to Japan that are s***. The flag of Japan, which should be burnt. The country itself, their hideous language, Japanese music, Japanese people and Japanese movies. I know, there isn't much positive things about them because they are full of s*** and well literally eat s*** and sick. I feel sorry for some innocent people that like them. Like, K-Pop bands and other famous people EXO-K being one of them and TEEN TOP being another K-Pop band. The reason I found out about this in the first place is because I saw these two words together 'Japanese scat' ... I had no idea what this was at the very time I typed it in suddenly what came up was s*** loads, there was Japanese women wearing lingerie with lesbians s***ting, there was lots of pictures of Japanese women brushing their teeth with s*** to s***ting all over a man's stomach and smearing it in, I think Americans do this to and have a fart fetish but Japanese people are so revolting. Another hideous picture that I had to see was a nude Japanese woman s***ting in a Japanese man's mouth. Then they haunt me when I don't want anything to do with them, contantly it's been going on since late March. The f***ing pieces of s*** need to leave me alone [sigh]. One of my biggest wishes is for Japan to be bombed and put to an end.

By DiBestess | 05/05/13 - 11:05AM

@Ninja_Girl I don't agree with your comment about South Koreans, I think it's Japanese people that should all be killed but first I think they deserve to be brutally tortured. I like South Koreans, they're alright. I love Korean culture, Korean music (K-Pop), the Korean accent and last but not least Korean movies. One of my favorite actors is Lee Je-hoon who is from Seoul, South Korea. But when it comes to Japanese people, they piss me off completely, they have a f***ing s*** fetish and a sick fart fixation. There is lots of porn video footage of them s***ting all over the place, farting in a Japanese man's face to puking while having sex on a small Japanese dick. Then these Japanese people then go around liking and stalking innocent people. Apparently the hideous pieces of s*** love K-Pop and Dancehall. According to YouTube they also try and dance like Jamaicans to Dancehall, really they are a f***ing major disgrace to humanity. North Korea happens to be threatening South Korea apparently. When what should be bombed is Japan. I think the people there should be brutally tortured first, before being blown up.

By DiBestess | 05/05/13 - 11:05AM

Japanese people should be tortured, gassed and bombed. They are beyond pathetic to be still existing and also pathetic and a disgrace to humanity.

By britneyturkeyfans | 01/26/13 - 11:01PM

We love this video vpillssatis.gen.tr thank you!

By Iraelvira2012 | 12/15/12 - 11:12AM

Good work!

By mathtimms | 11/05/12 - 03:11PM

Sometimes we have to say things to confuse !! xx ...[babe]... but we know ...

By Ninja_Girl | 10/18/12 - 06:10PM

I love Britney's music, but I completely don't like K-pop, I think Koreans should be gassed if it was possible and Japanese people. But to kill all the retards quickly Japan and Korea should be bombed. They are retarded and should all die. They are sick bastards and should all die, they're f***ing beyond annoying.

By sparklecupcakes | 09/17/12 - 11:09AM

i cant help but luvvv this video. its addcitive. also shows how great of a performer britney she has the flow and rhytym to go dance/move

By mathtimms | 08/17/12 - 09:08AM

... great dancing B...!

By mathtimms | 08/05/12 - 01:08PM

Own personal original joke !... ''Have you heard about Tiger Woods' socks ?''...'' He's got a hole in one !''.

By hugoalex1 | 05/18/12 - 07:05PM

you HAVE... PIECE... OF ME

By it'sbritneybitch | 05/18/12 - 07:05PM

I don't just want a piece... I WANT THE WHOLE THING!! (wow I sound really creepy)

By mathtimms | 04/16/12 - 06:04PM

eh ?

By sezaiarslan11 | 12/13/11 - 07:12AM

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By benjamin607 | 11/21/11 - 01:11AM

you HAVE... PIECE... Smiling ... FOREEVER!!! ... I LOVE YOU!!!

By Mzbee-gurl | 11/07/11 - 01:11PM

Luv it!!!

By soccer | 08/05/11 - 08:08AM

totally awsome and lol funny and brit loooks gorgeous in it

By stephanieGrey | 05/25/11 - 06:05PM

Lovely song with catchy tunes.. Whoa, one of the biggest singles, from one of the biggest pop stars, and only two people dare to take a piece of Brit. Well, make that three daredevils ..

By whitleymusicgroup | 03/23/11 - 10:03PM


By mathtimms | 03/06/11 - 06:03PM

Personal favorite !

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