Hold It Against Me

>03/02/11 - 1:50pm

Hold It Against Me

For use on the new 2.0 reskin

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By sometimes1999 | 03/03/11 - 05:03PM

Let me just say, that my favorite part is britney dancing on the stage at the end. I love the choreography, the way the shots go with the music, and the way she looks. It reminds me of her style circa 2003-2004.

By whitleymusicgroup | 03/25/11 - 03:03PM

Best Briney Video EVER!

By Jarsy | 03/23/11 - 09:03AM

A new level of a music video. Absolutely! =)

But... many fans want to see Britney in a SHORT FILM like "Thriller" or "Ghosts" It's just a dream, i know! We believe that the short film could combine some of the songs from the new album.

By Siul | 03/03/11 - 12:03PM

Where is the "Overprotected (DarkChild Remix)" video???

By Renan Campos | 03/03/11 - 10:03AM


By andrewllobo | 03/03/11 - 07:03AM

she knows that every year she makes it work better, keep it up we love you! s2

By mo_the_huge | 03/03/11 - 07:03AM

God bliss Britney.

By Lucas Gian | 03/02/11 - 08:03PM


amazing video *-*

By jonnyinacio | 03/02/11 - 06:03PM

Muito Digno!!! Amo!!!

By Maricel | 11/24/11 - 09:11PM

Tu eres lo mejor de lo mejor...Sigue asi siempre ;D
Porque yo siendo tu fans te seguire siempre

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By bre_bre_hardcore | 04/05/11 - 09:04PM

I love the reference to Rocky Horror!!! Smiling

By smart176 | 04/05/11 - 06:04AM

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By rino fared anthonie | 04/04/11 - 11:04AM

I love britney...
i'm from indonesia
britney is the best

By Ronald1992 | 03/26/11 - 03:03PM


By Sabbry | 03/25/11 - 07:03AM

O_O in italian...

By roger.danceone.... | 03/23/11 - 11:03AM

i agre to the short films

By roger.danceone.... | 03/23/11 - 03:03PM

cant wait tell brit brit comes on good morning amercia im going to love it <3

By rachrach | 03/22/11 - 09:03PM

good video but could've been better..

By roger.danceone.... | 03/22/11 - 01:03PM

i love it now all we need is the live perfomance to go with it

By Gaylorde | 03/22/11 - 07:03AM

Nice video like this .

By mo_the_huge | 03/21/11 - 11:03AM

Dear Britney,happy spring and in Egypt its happy Mothers day.

By rd3becerra | 03/16/11 - 03:03PM


By Suala | 03/11/11 - 04:03AM

I love it !Britney,I love you forever! You are so beautiful!

By mistazam | 03/11/11 - 02:03AM

kewl!!! ♥ britney!

By marta♥ | 03/10/11 - 06:03PM

I love it!!! She looks so pretty!♥

By Giselle.Ru.River | 03/08/11 - 09:03PM

HOLD IT AGAINST ME VS born this way
VOTA AQUI ---> http://www.mtvla.com/noticias/born-this-way-vs-hold-it-against-me

By Hooleea | 03/08/11 - 02:03AM

Britney is back stronger than ever, I love Smiling

By Guillaume | 03/14/11 - 12:03PM

Magnifique Vidéo j'adore j'adore j'adore

By BRITNEYSPEARS _... | 03/05/11 - 11:03PM

uno de los mejores videos de BRITNEY EXCELENT ....

By jacobrzadel | 03/06/11 - 07:03AM

Enjoy the #1 spot while you can GA-GA, because I bet your bottom dollar that Britney will knock you off with her new single "Till the world ends". Then her new album will debut at #1 just like all her other ones. I love ya ga-ga but ya know...always gonna have a spot for Britney..Why? Because It's Britney Bitc*!

By mathtimms | 03/06/11 - 05:03AM

...i like.

By Britney Fan 27 | 05/31/11 - 09:05PM

no i wouldnt hold my body against you because i want your body too



By Lucas Antonio C... | 05/31/11 - 04:05PM

I hope it's incredible release the DVD with clips from the show and the femme fatale

By karimin | 03/06/11 - 02:03PM

One of the best ones ;D

By I'm a slave 4 b... | 08/13/11 - 07:08AM

so f***in fierce!

By gasbep | 03/05/11 - 09:03AM


By monica22 | 03/16/11 - 01:03PM

The Best! Smiling

By Gustavo Goulart | 03/02/11 - 06:03PM

The video is amazing

By Brandi C. | 03/21/12 - 08:03PM

I got her Femme Fatale concert DVD and it's AWESOME!! This is my favorite song on the DVD! Along W/ till the world ends

By mathtimms | 04/12/12 - 03:04AM

... cool new timing...!

By mathtimms | 04/13/12 - 06:04PM

U look GREAT in the wedding dress !! ...mathx.

By it'sbritneybitch | 05/19/12 - 08:05PM

Weird video but AMAZING!!

By mathtimms | 10/20/12 - 06:10PM

So glad you've found happiness with Jasone... ''we have all the time in the world''...

By mathtimms | 06/02/12 - 02:06PM

U do your best ''dance'' ever at the end of this !! [in my humble opinion]

By mo_the_huge | 07/29/12 - 04:07PM


By mathtimms | 10/08/12 - 11:10PM

You're a great dancer... too !! xx ...

By FayTheFairy | 10/17/12 - 05:10PM

I really like the way Britney Spears makes it look like there is two of her. Even with her latest advert for her Fantasy Twist perfume she made it look like there was more of her, great work. I don't get why she made it like she is beating herself up in this music video, but I must say the effects to this music video are awesome.

By Ninja_Girl | 11/03/12 - 03:11PM

I like the expressions Britney is using in this video in a way, some how she is showing emotion fighting herself. This video is just pure clever work.

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