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By mathtimms | 12/18/13 - 10:12AM

A very happy festive season to Britney
Jean & all those she loves... mathxxxx

By mathtimms | 10/15/13 - 10:10AM

... sometimes I wonder if you are on my side...

By Aasmund Idland | 07/26/13 - 11:07AM

I've been totally in love with Britney since 1999

By mathtimms | 07/08/13 - 08:07PM

I'm a kleptomaniac... but I'm taking something for it !

By mathtimms | 06/20/13 - 08:06PM


By liv.bsfan | 03/15/13 - 06:03PM

love this britney Smiling

By mathtimms | 03/10/13 - 12:03AM

p.s. I love your new painting of Paris !... mathxx[bon weekend !]...

By mathtimms | 03/01/13 - 02:03AM

... oops...I did it again ! [spelling mistake] ..!

By mathtimms | 03/01/13 - 02:03AM

Bon weeklend a tous... euh !!XX...

By Manuel almada | 01/30/13 - 07:01PM


By britneyturkeyfans | 01/26/13 - 11:01PM

We love your all songs. Thank you peace!

By mathtimms | 12/31/12 - 02:12PM

Our ''love'' is too big to fail B.... BUT you mustn't ''tease me '' ALL the time !

By mo_the_huge | 12/17/12 - 08:12AM

GOD bless you Britney.

By Favorite | 11/02/12 - 10:11AM

i love your song britneyy, here I have been giving <a href="">Classy Models</a> servicess.

By ItsBritneybitch16 | 09/14/12 - 10:09PM

That awkward moment when here Mom sees this...

By mathtimms | 09/12/12 - 09:09AM

''Float like a butterfly , sting like a B.'' !! xx ... [bonne mercredi... euh !]

By smart176 | 08/17/12 - 04:08AM

i love your song britney, we also build your web site <a href="">seo</a> services

By mathtimms | 07/29/12 - 04:07PM

Hope to purchase a place in Italy where we could spend time !! xx

By João Vitor Ramos | 07/10/12 - 04:07PM

criminal, was the best single of the femme fatale, of course, losing only to till the world ends lol *-*

By dazzlingarain | 06/14/12 - 01:06AM

waiting for ur new songs
big listener of songs and music and ur voice unforgetable
i wish u come uk than i will meet u as a fan just wait for ur come back

By eduxrdovelez | 05/18/12 - 08:05PM


By it'sbritneybitch | 05/18/12 - 07:05PM

She still got it after 13 years!!

By mathtimms | 05/16/12 - 03:05PM

U know I can't give U up !!

By smart176 | 05/16/12 - 08:05AM

i love your song thank you, <a href="" title="halı yıkama">halı yıkama</a>

By 小C | 05/16/12 - 07:05AM


By 小C | 05/16/12 - 07:05AM

Britney I think you are so amazing. I was so sad when you first got divorced. You are so amazing and I didn't know why you didn't have someone that matched you. Now, he gets to live off of your hard work. I hope you are so happy now truly!! God Bless You!

By tecktoufik | 05/15/12 - 06:05PM

thats right Sad she must do that but she can do it in diffrnt way it should not kiss him !!! :'( you know I loved her when I was in 12 years old I love her now too I have 9years in love with Britney I send her alwayse message in hope that she replay me I study I work all that to do money and go to her I wont just to tell her how I love her I dont have any girl freind cause of her because I cant love anyone in this world just Britney spears :'(

By Dr.Shadow | 05/15/12 - 02:05PM

Tecktoufik, what would you expect? They're a couple. But I must admit, this video hurts me too )))
Britney is so beautiful that I can't stop staring at Her.

By tecktoufik | 05/15/12 - 01:05PM

I hate this video Sad you kiss him aaah :'( you heartin me Sad

By Circus Show | 04/08/12 - 07:04PM

Mama i'm in love....with this video clip....<3

By mathtimms | 04/02/12 - 01:04AM

...euh !

By mathtimms | 03/29/12 - 09:03AM

Ah !

By Arshavin Ramsey™ | 12/28/11 - 12:12AM

but me really excited your show I wanna go Sticking out tongue

By michalrenee06 | 12/22/11 - 07:12PM

Britney I think you are so amazing. I was so sad when you first got divorced. You are so amazing and I didn't know why you didn't have someone that matched you. Now, he gets to live off of your hard work. I hope you are so happy now truly!! God Bless You!

By Maqi_Kstro | 12/11/11 - 01:12AM

Me encanta el video y la canciooooooooooon!


By Vicko_Salazar | 11/24/11 - 01:11PM


video and song!!!

i love you!!!


By Juan Javier | 11/21/11 - 06:11AM

Congratulations for the video. It made me think and remember.

I was a little bit in both men shoes a couple of times. In one hand my marriage was ruined by infidelity and jealousy. On the other hand I was a gentleman. I could stop many fights! Kindness and forgiveness from everyone are extremely neccesary to handle this situations with care.

You made me think in two songs:

Jealous Guy by John Lennon

Handle with Care by George Harrison:

I wish you the best with the concerts. Good luck.

By Jef Nyssen | 11/19/11 - 08:11AM

Very Amazing Vedeo

By kelechi | 11/16/11 - 05:11AM

I love it when you're doing well honey.

By mathtimms | 11/14/11 - 11:11PM

My 5 favorite videos by U are; Born to make you happy, I love rock 'n roll, gimme more ,Till the world
ends and Hold it against me... but I like them all !! ...math xxxxx.

By Circus Show | 11/11/11 - 11:11AM

AMAZINGGGGG VIDEO & SONG.....Love it.....Goooooooooo BRIT!!!<3

By Mzbee-gurl | 11/01/11 - 10:11PM

love this video!

By asami iwata | 10/28/11 - 02:10AM

criminal is favorite song❤

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