Britney Spears Tweets

11/21/14 - 03:15PM
You guys and your #MeanTweets...
11/20/14 - 12:18PM
Just filming somethin' fun for @JimmyKimmelLive
11/15/14 - 02:59PM
Thanks for all your great questions, everybody!! ❤️ #6SecondsOfSpears was so much fun!
11/15/14 - 02:57PM
@rhuancesarr ♥ u guys so much!!!
11/15/14 - 02:52PM
"@MuuMuse Hey @BritneySpears! What would you like from Santa this year? #6SecondsOfSpears"
11/15/14 - 02:48PM
"@MTV Hey @britneyspears, have you ever had a cat?
11/15/14 - 02:45PM
"@RealBRITannica Hey Brit! If there was a movie made of your life who would you want to play you? #6SecondsOfSpears"
11/15/14 - 02:41PM
"@tkylemac Hi queen! What is your favorite thing your mom cooks? #6SecondsOfSpears"
11/15/14 - 02:36PM
"@SweatandSequins What's your favorite thing your dad cooks? @britneyspears #6secondsofspears"
11/15/14 - 02:34PM
"@ebwhite81 would love to know what you keep in your purse??? #6SecondsOfSpears"
11/15/14 - 02:30PM
"@InternAdam Hey beautiful @BritneySpears! Will we be seeing you skateboarding anytime soon? #6SecondsOfSpears"
11/15/14 - 02:26PM
"@MEGABRITNEYFAN Hi Britney, What is the best thing about being a Mom? #6SecondsOfSummer"
11/15/14 - 02:23PM
"@BLACKOUTSLAVE What is the last song you listened to???
11/15/14 - 02:19PM
"@recently_played What's your go to monopoly piece? #6secondsofspears"
11/15/14 - 02:16PM
"@ebwhite81 fans would like to know what your favorite Starbucks drink is? #6SecondsOfSpears"
11/15/14 - 02:11PM
"@samiam0219 #6SecondsOfSpears What are your favorite rides at Disneyland?"
11/15/14 - 02:07PM
"@circus31819 are you more of a night owl or morning person? #6SecondsOfSpears"
11/15/14 - 02:02PM
Here we go! It's time for #6SecondsOfSpears
11/15/14 - 01:45PM
It's been a while, I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting, But I'm here... in 15 minutes for #6SecondsOfSpears!
11/14/14 - 08:47PM
RT @TwitterMusic: Don't forget! Tomorrow 11 am PT - its the Vine Q&A from @britneyspears!
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