Britney Spears Tweets

10/24/14 - 07:48PM
10/24/14 - 07:47PM
@FitLikeBritney Like family :)
10/24/14 - 07:43PM
RT @bucadibeppo: Look at this gorgeous group @britneyspears #PieceOfMe dancers last night for dinner!!
10/24/14 - 07:41PM
@bucadibeppo Thank you so much for having us... so delish & I'm STILL full!!
10/24/14 - 07:41PM
RT @bucadibeppo: Thanks @britneyspears for coming in last nite w your #PieceOfMe dancers!! Please come back again soon!!…
10/23/14 - 11:17AM
#BritneyDay in LV, Nov 5th! What an honor!! Can't wait to celebrate with you Vegas
10/23/14 - 11:05AM
RT @phvegas: On Nov. 5, @BritneySpears will take over @TheLINQ on what will officially be known as…Britney Day! More Information: http://t…
10/20/14 - 06:16PM
RT @phvegas: Inside #TheAXIS before #PieceOfMe...Oh the anticipation of seeing @BritneySpears! Watch:
10/16/14 - 06:34PM
Inspirational thoughts from my assistant Katie (today's her birthday)...
10/15/14 - 04:57PM
Surf all day, dance all night. See you tonight Vegas!
10/12/14 - 02:16PM
RT @MrsLittlefair: Absolutely over the moon with my gorgeous new @intimatebritney stuff #happygirl #IntimateBritneySpears…
10/12/14 - 02:15PM
@Rilayy Lots of sizes for lots of ladies, of course!
10/12/14 - 02:15PM
@zoeelizabeths What's your favorite style? :)
10/12/14 - 02:14PM
@EvelinaLucia Hope u did well on your interview and I hope the lingerie brought u confidence - Confidence is key!!
10/12/14 - 02:14PM
@ElenitaSPEARS Omg how adorable are YOU? Thanks for stopping by the store!
10/09/14 - 02:39AM
@Lazrface78 Aww thank you so much! Xo
10/08/14 - 09:41PM
Saddle up...
10/05/14 - 02:31AM
Another amazing crowd tonight at #PieceOfMe as usual!! Seriously LOVE my fans! Xo
10/01/14 - 11:31PM
THIS is why they REALLY call him '62-second Charlie'
09/30/14 - 10:05PM
Happy sweet 16 to 'Baby One More Time'! Where did the time go!? Thx to my fans for supporting me since my 1st single #Happy16thBirthdayBOMT
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