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Britney Tapes 'The X Factor' Bootcamp In Miami

Britney Tapes 'The X Factor' Bootcamp In Miami

The X Factor's bootcamp portion of the auditions were filmed in Miami last week, and nearly 200 X Factor hopefuls were narrowed down to 32 contestants. Brit looked smokin' hot in a black sequined tank and shorts one day and a body-hugging teal lace mini dress by Emilio Pucci for the last day of the taping. Brit also stepped out in Florida earlier last week wearing a white blazer and hot pink pants — loving the colors, Brit! A brief recap of the taping:

Bittersweet ending to boot camp but I can't wait to see everyone at the next round. Bye Miami! -@britneyspears

Watch the two-night premiere of The X Factor on Wednesday, September 12 and Thursday, September 13 at 8/7c on FOX. Photos via Daily Mail Online.

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By davidmark1 | 08/08/12 - 02:08AM

I think she really looks good and she is one of my favorites....I really wish to meet her once.<a href="">load board</a>

By JonathanJTibbs | 08/07/12 - 02:08AM


You have been such an inspiration to me and GOD has truly blessed me through your life and work ... The bible says to gooo by faith and it is difficult ... When you came to Jacksonville and our eyes meet you gave me that nervous look and I felt the same way ... You flipped your hair to hear what I had to say, well done is my reply ... I should have gotten on the stage when you asked, but I was scared ... Perhaps in some other place, in some other time I feel I would be next to you ... But I find comfort in your happiness and I Am glad you found a good man ... I really like Jason, but I really miss that day because it was a good day and GOD gave it to me ...

By KeepCalmAndLove... | 08/05/12 - 11:08AM

Britney you look soo beautiful. I love you so much. <3 Can't wait 'til September to see you on X Factor!!! We all love you Princess of Pop. Smiling

By smart176 | 08/04/12 - 09:08PM

yoy look lovly britney, we love you

<a href=""></a>

By hapy | 08/02/12 - 02:08PM

Britney's the most beautiful lady

By soccer | 07/31/12 - 09:07AM

Yes she is incredable good luck britney brit was rockn all the outfits !!!! realy loved the white blazer and super hot pink pants outfit she would have loooked great on Miami Vice !!!! Smiling

By João Vitor Ramos | 07/30/12 - 07:07PM

all the luck for the better now judge haha! britney its beautiful <3

By Balkarcel | 07/29/12 - 09:07PM

Britney is Really Hot!!!

By kimo_atto | 07/29/12 - 08:07PM

she is amazing love her soo much , wish her good luck and the best,love u Britney ....

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