>03/19/12 - 11:44am

Thanks For Your Brit Stories!

Many thanks to all the wonderful B fans who submitted their Brit Stories! Between myself, the record label, Brit's management and Britney herself, we spent so much time watching them and really loved getting to know so many of you. Just a few more touching stories that I wanted to share with y'all...

@ViviLiiiicious's story is so sweet. She even quotes Britney as her own personal hero. Love the Britney tattoo, too. So cute! She went to three shows at the Femme Fatale Tour and even got to dance onstage with Brit. Click to watch:

I adored getting to know @jojokatherine! Like many of us, Britney's music helped Joanne gain strength and get through some tough times, including being bullied when she was younger. I can certainly relate. And she has a cat! I bet my cat and her cat would totes love each other. Watch now:

@Angi2412 from Germany has a limited-edition In The Zone album from Japan, SO cool! And I'm obsessed with her "Britney wall" — the story about her mom singing, "Womanizer," is pretty hilarious, too. Love it, Angi! Click to watch:

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