>06/09/12 - 11:15pm

The X Factor USA in Kansas City: Day 2

As expected, Day Two of The X Factor USA auditions in Kansas City, MO went off without a hitch — and it was every bit just as exciting as Day One!

Britney clearly had chemistry with fellow X Factor judges Demi Lovato, L.A. Reid and guest judge Louis Walsh, as she could often be seen laughing, smiling and chatting in between takes. (Don't ask me why she was laughing — I was merely spying from my perch in the press box! I couldn't hear a thing, but she looked to be having a grand ol' time here in Kansas City.) Judging from this video taken by Jason Trawick, the fans in the audience were having a blast, too. This (0:10) is exactly how I reacted when Britney walked out:

And despite wearing the same adorable Azzedine Alaïa dress as the day before (a requirement for the judges, as the two-day shoot is made to look like it was shot in a single day), Brit looked equally gorgeous during this second go-round, even adding a sweet little matching bolero jacket to her outfit midday.

The one thing I loved most about watching the taping was that Brit was extremely opinionated when judging the contestants. Whether or not the audience and the other judges disagreed with her — she really stuck to her guns when rooting for (or against) a singer, and she was extremely articulate as to why she felt the way she did when providing her critique. That's all I'll say about that... you'll have to watch it all go down this fall when The X Factor USA premieres on FOX!

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By jessihere | 06/17/12 - 12:06PM

Nice dressing and very cute lady.Nobody can beat you ever.
Congrats, Brit!! I love how she had two children, and she's still the sexiest women of all time!!

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By ItsBritneysBitch1 | 06/11/12 - 03:06PM

30 years old but doesn't look a day over 20........ how does she do it!!!
Love you Brit always have Smiling

By soccer | 06/11/12 - 08:06AM

yes a realy lovely princess

By ajkent | 06/10/12 - 10:06PM

Isn't she lovely? You're the best Britney!

By Balkarcel | 06/10/12 - 09:06PM

A Real princess

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