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Worldwide Premiere Of Britney's New Single, 'Perfume'

Worldwide Premiere Of Britney's New Single, 'Perfume'

As Britney said during its Facebook premiere tonight, "Perfume" is a track that clearly comes straight from the heart. Co-written with Sia Furler, Brit's new single showcases her stellar range of vocals in an emotionally raw track that resonates with many who have felt the insecurities that come with being in a romantic relationship. Honestly? I haven't felt this moved from a song since "Everytime" in 2004. And her vocals on this are unlike any Spears song I've ever heard. Take a listen:

Yep. It's gonna be one of those nights with my hot tea and a box of tissues while Facebook-stalking my exes...and, of course, listening to "Perfume" on repeat. Oh well, gotta kill time until "Perfume" debuts on iTunes tonight at 12am ET! xx

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By kimo_atto | 11/04/13 - 06:11AM

its a realllllllly great song and her voices is very emotional in it , hope it will be a num 1 on iTunes and billboard hot of luck u Britney..xx00..

By itsdiegobitch | 11/04/13 - 04:11AM

like it. its awesome and Britney Vocals woooaooh perfects.

By gobuystyle2 | 11/03/13 - 09:11PM

Very good photo and fashion

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