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World Premiere: Britney's Twister Dance Remix Video

World Premiere: Britney's Twister Dance Remix Video
It's FINALLY here!!! Britney's hot new "Till The World Ends" remix video for Hasbro's Twister Dance game made its worldwide debut on just minutes ago. Watch now:

CHILLS! "Way to rock the spots, ladies." Love it. She looked like she was having so much fun! Totally makes me want to host a Twister Dance party. Are you in?

That's not all, y'all... Brit Brit wants to see YOUR Twister Dance moves. Upload your dance video here by October 24th for a chance to be a part of Britney's "Rock The Spots" fansourced video. Good luck! xx

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By Balkarcel | 09/09/12 - 02:09PM

I love This Video

By kimo_atto | 09/09/12 - 11:09AM

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed ittttttttttttttt ,but i wish if it was like 3 minutes instead of one& half

i just want to see more of her dancing ,can u blame me ,love u Britney ,u r soooooo beautiful ....

By João Vitor Ramos | 09/09/12 - 12:09AM

OMGGGG Very perfect, she is dancing very well, not to mention she's beautiful, I love britney <3

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