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What's YOUR Brit Story? Tell Us!

Everybody knows that Britney has the best fans ever. Because you guys are so amazing, we’re dying to know more about all of YOU! Bonded by our love for Britney, what better way to get to know each other than by sharing our own unique life Brit Stories? SoundCloud has built a Story Wheel app that allows users to create an instant slide show using Instagram (iPhone’s cool vintage-inspired photo editor) and your own personal voice recording. It’s free and only takes a few minutes — once you're done, tweet the link to your Brit Story using the hashtag #mybritstory. For example, here's my own personal Brit Story that I made:

Britannica's Story Wheel — My Brit Story

Now here’s what y’all do (it's way easier than it looks... promise!):

• If you have an iPhone, make sure you have an active Instagram account and a computer or laptop with a voice-recording feature
• Upload several photos to Instagram or use some that you already have
• Go to and click “Create Your Story Wheel”
• Click “Connect To Instagram” and the app will automatically import photos from your library
• Click on each photo you would like to include in your Story Wheel (you can reorder them later)
• Once you’ve selected your photos (we recommend using no more than 20 pics), drag them into the order you want
• After they’re in the correct order, click “Go To The Next Step”
• Now it’s time to record your voice! Click the giant red “Record” button, and a pop-up box will appear, click “Allow” (if the pop-up doesn't appear and you get something weird like this, start over and try once more)
• Begin talking — we want to know your personal life story! Start out with your first name and where you live, also include your Twitter handle so other fans can follow you
• Tell us about each photo, and when you’re ready to switch photos, simply click your mouse once
• When you’re finished, you will be prompted to login or set up a SoundCloud account
• Once you’re logged in, your Story Wheel will automatically begin uploading and processing (this could take as long as 10 minutes, just be patient!)
• Voila! Your Story Wheel and original slide show link will appear and will remain on your SoundCloud profile (you can later remove it from SoundCloud at any time)
IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, you can’t edit specific parts of your Story Wheel. If you want to rerecord your voice or remove a particular photo, you have to start entirely over and reselect your photos.

Don’t forget to tweet a link to your Story Wheel using #mybritstory. You might see your unique story featured on, or even on Britney’s own personal Twitter!

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By caee26 | 02/16/12 - 10:02PM

It's an amazing app!! i can't wait that REALBritannica, all the fans and the same BRITNEY SPEARS watch my story! I'm preparing Smiling

By Balkarcel | 02/15/12 - 06:02PM

Its Britney, B*tch!!!

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