>05/08/13 - 6:05pm

Watch Britney's 'SHAPE' Magazine Preview on 'Entertainment Tonight'

Watch Britney's 'SHAPE' Magazine Preview on 'Entertainment Tonight'

Did y'all catch last night's Entertainment Tonight featuring Brit Brit's smokin' hot SHAPE photo shoot and magazine cover? If not, check out the clip below, featuring Britney's hot bod in an array of yoga poses.

According to, Britney tells SHAPE all about her intense workout regime, "I'm doing 90 minutes of yoga twice a week in addition to a lot of cardio, hour-long sessions three times a week, with my trainer, Tony Martinez." WOWSERS! Good for Brit Brit. I'm too clumsy for yoga.

Brit also swears by the Nutrisystem program and admits that it's tough not to over-indulge in treats with her boys, saying, "I try not to make those too often or I'll eat the whole bowl of dough." Ditto, Britney. Ditto.

What about her workout playlist? B rocks out to Whitney Houston and Bruno Mars. I guess she wouldn't workout to her own music, huh? I, for one, listen to only Britney Spears (mostly her Blackout album) when jogging. Fact.

For more Britney in SHAPE, snag the June issue when it hits stands May 20th! xx

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By KELECHI NWOKIKE. | 05/15/13 - 03:05AM

I love.

By soccer | 05/10/13 - 03:05PM

sorry y'all but no i missed it and you're wright she does look hot in those yoga poses Smiling

By ChrisNajar | 05/09/13 - 10:05AM

Brit Brit is a hot old gal... hahaha!!!

No, seriously, MY GIRL is the hottest around. I love her music, I love her looks, I love her soul and spirit.

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