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Vote Britney For VH1's Greatest Artist Of The '00s

Vote Britney For VH1's Greatest Artist Of The '00s

It's the battle for the "Greatest Artist of the '00s" on VH1! First, it was Britney vs. Beyoncé, and thanks to all of YOU, the VH1 server crashed, causing folks to extend the voting by a few hours. Only Britney fans could crash a huge TV network's website. Then it was Britney vs. *NSYNC where our girl won with a whopping 82%! Now we're at the final face-off — Britney vs. Linkin Park. Time to take those rockers down and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! Voting ends September 6th at 4pm. xx

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By Balkarcel | 09/04/12 - 09:09PM

Q gane Brit!!!

By Balkarcel | 09/04/12 - 09:09PM

Yeah, Vote!!!

By kimo_atto | 09/04/12 - 08:09PM

she is the greatest artist of the 00's and im on ittttttttttt , love u Britney....our Britney won a lot of awards am i right? or am i right? option "c" : all the above , love u Britney....

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