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The Ultimate 'Ooh La La' Review + Chart Update

The Ultimate 'Ooh La La' Review + Chart Update

Only a loyal member of Britney's army can write a true review of one of her tracks, which is why I asked super-fan and former Ryan Seacrest Productions intern Jake Updegraff to give us his thoughts on Brit's latest hit, "Ooh La La"! Jake says on the feel-good track, "Not only is the song dance-worthy, but we do get a taste of the seductive side of the pop princess in the song." Check out his piece in full on the guest blog.

"Ooh La La" continues to hold strong at no. 85 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and no. 22 on the Pop Songs radio airplay chart. I'm officially ready for that music video, now!!! xx

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