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Twister Dance Shoot: Backstage Style

Twister Dance Shoot: Backstage Style
Only THREE more days until Brit's "Till The World Ends" Twister Dance remix video hits! So much Queen B goodness, I can hardly stand it. Lucky for us fanatics who live and breathe all things Britney, the folks at Twister Dance headquarters aren't leaving a single detail out. We've gone behind-the-scenes with the choreographers, the stage hands, the back-up dancers and director Ray Kay. Now it's time to hear from the Twister Dance stylist, check it:

That's not all! Twister takes us backstage the day of the shoot in the below sneak peek. Get the scoop from the back-up dancers and producers on what it was like to work with a pop legend:

Check out Hasbro's new Twister Dance game and Britney's hot "Till The World End" remix video when they hit on September 9th! Get more from Twister Dance at

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