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Twister Dance Playlist On VEVO

Twister Dance Playlist On VEVO

In honor of Britney's hot Twister Dance remix video, VEVO has put together an awesome dance playlist, presented by Twister Dance! The playlist (naturally) features several of our favorite Britney hits, along with tracks by Rihanna, Cher Lloyd and One Direction. Click here to listen to the Twister Dance playlist now on VEVO.

That's not all — the "Till The World Ends" remix that was featured on Britney's Twister Dance video will be released to iTunes this Tuesday, September 18th! xx

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By Balkarcel | 09/16/12 - 07:09PM


By kimo_atto | 09/14/12 - 08:09PM

niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee..........she is Britney after u Britney....

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