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The Twister Dance Choreorgraphers Tell All

The Twister Dance Choreorgraphers Tell All
As promised, there are more behind-the-scenes videos from Britney's "Till The World Ends" Twister remix video with details straight from the Twister Dance choreographers. How many of you have these videos on repeat so you can learn the moves? Or is it just me? Check 'em out:

Check out Hasbro's new Twister Dance game and Britney's hot "Till The World End" remix video when they hit on September 9th! Get more from Twister Dance at

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By Balkarcel | 08/24/12 - 07:08PM

It's Amazing!!!

By kimo_atto | 08/23/12 - 09:08PM

that is cool and fun in the same time , cant wait 4 the video and see Britney doing what she loves
love u Britney ....

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