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'Till The World Ends' Twister Remix Video Out Sept. 9th

'Till The World Ends' Twister Remix Video Out Sept. 9th
The "Till The World Ends" Twister remix video that features Britney and her fancy $20,000 sports bra will be revealed in full on September 9th! The remix is included in Hasbro's new Twister Dance game, in stores next month. Can't wait 'til September? Lucky for us, Hasbro will be gifting us with tons of behind-the-scenes goodies leading up to the worldwide premiere, starting with the below casting video! Get a glimpse as girls audition in Los Angeles to do what we would all LOVE to do — be Britney's back-up dancers! Love those adorable little Britney fans. Now I'm totes excited about the game... who wants to come over for a Twister dance party?? Stay updated on all things Twister Dance via! xx

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