>07/23/12 - 1:59pm

'Till The World Ends' Certified By VEVO

'Till The World Ends' Certified By VEVO

First there was "I Wanna Go," and now just barely a week later, Britney's "Till The World Ends" music video has been certified by VEVO! The sexy, slightly dark video has officially hit over 100 million views thanks to YOU, the fans. Congrats, Brit!

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By João Vitor Ramos | 07/30/12 - 08:07PM

we will now boot womanizer as the newest certificate \o

By João Vitor Ramos | 07/30/12 - 08:07PM

But they deserved, this was the best clip was the femme fatale, all love and is my favorite course haha <3

By Debzor | 07/24/12 - 12:07PM

Congrats Brit! Now to watch her other videos dozens of times and get them certified!!

By it'sbritneybitch | 07/23/12 - 09:07PM

Brit army, let's work on Womanizer and Circus NOW!!!!

By kimo_atto | 07/23/12 - 02:07PM

till thew world ends.....
now let us make hold it against me certified alsoooo???....
congrats Britney u .......

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