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Sophia Grace & Rosie Meet Britney Spears (& It's The Cutest Thing Ever)

Sophia Grace & Rosie Meet Britney Spears (& It's The Cutest Thing Ever)
Sophia Grace and Rosie, Ellen DeGeneres' pint-sized besties, recently met Britney Spears during her Vegas rehearsals and learned some of the "Work Bitch" (probably the clean version) choreography! They also threw Brit Brit a princess-themed birthday party and gifted her with a tiara. A tiara with a microphone. It's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen and led to me spending no less than an hour Googling "Sophia Grace & Rosie videos." I found this. ADORBS.

OH! And Britney will be back on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Dec. 3rd to chat about her album release! Be sure to tune in. xx

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By Ch0c0late | 11/22/13 - 01:11PM

You're so cute Brit. Hope you feel tip top wherever & whenever. I feel tip top when I see I have you. Waiting for "I'm Britney Jean" documentary. Watching Britney: For the Record makes me cry and say myself why peeps say these kinda thing about you. All of us are human-being and human-being can do sin. Also, I'm targeting those who said these kinda thing and I would say "Have you ever looked at yourself and have you ever counted your sin?". Well, no matter, they're not worth to talk about. Btw, love you Brit. I do not love to see your tears.

Happy birthday to you my darling. Hope you have 4 vacation in the following year.
My tears are pouring down my face and I can not control my emotion. Well, I do not have anything special as a gift but the only thing I can give you as a gift is "I love you extremely and I wish you the best". Sophia Grace & Rosie saw you and had a talk to you but what about me? Is it possible to me? I dunno.

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