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Simon Cowell Dishes On Working With Britney Spears

Simon Cowell Dishes On Working With Britney Spears

The X Factor creator Simon Cowell recently opened up to about working beside massive pop superstar Britney Spears on the upcoming season, set to premiere Sept. 12 on FOX. He says he's "fascinated" by her — um, you and everyone else, Si! He also says that Brit is serious about finding talent on the show. "She's not on the show to be Britney Spears on a TV show," Simon admits to People. "She's actually there to prove to the world there's more to her, and she's got the ability to do this job really well. She's taken the role really seriously."

We knew that she would! Simon goes on to say, "It's quite interesting because when someone has done what she's done as she has with her career, and being such a public person, you kind of think she is going to be very confident, but in real life she's shy. There's kind of a mystique about her which I think is what kind of attracted me to her in the place."

Well said, Si. But I must say... everything attracts me to Britney. And I think every single B fan would agree! xx

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