>01/21/13 - 2:48pm

'Scream & Shout' Hits No. 1 Worldwide

'Scream & Shout' Hits No. 1 Worldwide

Shortly after hitting no. 1 in the UK,'s hit single "Scream & Shout" feat. Britney Spears is reported as currently being the no. 1 song WORLDWIDE! I'm not surprised, are you? Congrats, B! xx

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By soccer | 01/28/13 - 02:01PM

no not realy surprised

By Balkarcel | 01/25/13 - 09:01PM

Se lo merecia, me encanto el video y Britney se lleva el primer lugar, Felicidades Britney!!!

By JonathanJTibbs | 01/22/13 - 04:01PM

Love the wedding ring ... Down as you dance 24-7 in Vegas... Let me take you on a journey ... SEE

By JonathanJTibbs | 01/22/13 - 03:01PM

I want to be the inspiration behind your new album, just as I was the inspiration for the X factor and Caesers Palace... I want to come up with new inspirational ideas for your album... I am only happy when I am helping you and loving you...

By JonathanJTibbs | 01/22/13 - 03:01PM


I know how to get someones attention, the bible says a druken man's cries are heard louder in heaven than a rightous man's prayers and GOD is very are you... My ministry wasn't created over prayers and prayers and prayers, but cries and loud cries... Sooo now that I have your attention, I have a venue to reach you on...

By mella | 01/22/13 - 07:01AM

I really dont like this song. Just love her voice in this song ;p She and can make better song. Sticking out tongue But Congrats Brit <3

By ChrisNajar | 01/21/13 - 10:01PM

Well. I'm the one who's gonna say it... I don't like this song at all Sad Britney is NOT the problem of course. It's this other guy. Britney's voice is beautiful enough to have her own songs. I know this is just a collaboration, and to a certain extent it pisses me that will.what.ever takes advantage on Britney's huge fan base and popularity to taste a little success.

When this song was presented on the X Factor, Britney didn't seem to enjoy it... she rather looked like embarrassed or something. Like... "I don't want to be here". Didn't anyone else catch it? If you don't believe, see her reactions at the beginning and at the end here:

I am really waiting to hear the new album Brit is working on, and I hope there won't be any collaborations. Let's have a pure, candid, beautiful, Britney only album Smiling

By kimo_atto | 01/21/13 - 10:01PM

no im not surprised either , I mean its Britney b****, but I will be surprised if the song didn't reach num 1 on the hot 100 on billboard , love u Britney xoxo....

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