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The Reviews Are In For Britney's 'Ooh La La' Music Video

The Reviews Are In For Britney's 'Ooh La La' Music Video

Memo to Mrs. Extra, Extra, This Just In! The media is totes in love with the new music video for Britney's hit single from The Smurfs 2, "Ooh La La." Check out what the blogs have to say about our girl and her best boys who have officially made their major acting debut:

"Britney Spears may be joining the blueberry-colored Smurfs family in her video for "Ooh La La," but she looks red-hot in a form-fitting cherry-colored dress... Spears is all smiles as the feel-good track serves as the soundtrack for her romp around the Smurfs' tiny village." —MTV

"We don't know who's cuter in it, BritBrit, the Smurfs or her little men Sean Preston and Jayden James!!! Nah, it's totes Sean and Jayden! They are ADORBS!!!" —Perez Hilton

"Britney Spears is feeling pretty smurf-tastic. The singer's music video for "Ooh La La," her new song for The Smurfs 2 soundtrack, has hit the web and by the looks of things, Britney's feeling kinda blue—in a good way!"—E! Online

18 Cutest Moments From Britney Spears' 'Ooh La La' [GIFS] —Mashable

"Isn’t it every little boy’s dream to go see The Smurfs 2 and then have your mom get sucked into the screen to perform the song she recorded for the soundtrack? If that’s the case, then consider Britney Spears’ sons’ wishes fulfilled!" —Entertainment Weekly

"If anyone was wondering whether Britney Spears planned to be her usual perfect self in her brand-new "Ooh La La" video, your answer would be a gigantic "DUH." Anyway, in addition to being one of the cutest things we've EVER SEEN IN OUR LIVES, "Ooh La La" proves that (1) Brit will always have flawless skin tone, and (2) cuteness AND star power runs in the family. Now, please excuse us while while we watch "Ooh La La" on repeat and attempt to hang Britney's GIFs on our inspiration boards while repeating our personal mantra: "Britney's flawless life is what we see. Britney's flawless life is what we strive to be." (Yeah, maybe it's weird... But if you have a better plan on how to be JUST LIKE the Princess of Pop, let us know.)" —MTV Buzzworthy

"For those of us who have been suffering through serious Britney deprivation for the past two years (“Criminal” was her last video), it’s a gift to have something new to cling to in these times darkened by a Godney drought." —Idolator

"Britney Spears takes her sons to the movies in her new music video "Ooh La La," which was recorded for The Smurfs 2 soundtrack. The singer, 31, is zapped into the Smurf village, much to the delight of her boys Jayden and Sean, who waive from their seats in the movie theater. The popstar explores the landscape and hangs with the tiny blue creatures, including Katy Perry's Smurfette." —Rolling Stone

"Britney Spears has one more reason to be proud of her sons!" —People

"The 31-year-old songstress’ upbeat track has the diva dancing around with her little blue friends while the boys watch in amazement." —New York Daily News

"Britney Spears' "Ooh La La" single, which leads the forthcoming soundtrack to "The Smurfs 2," has received a colorful, kid-friendly music video -- and by "kid-friendly," we mean that Spears' two sons, Preston and Jayden, make gleeful appearances alongside their mom in the clip." —Billboard

Just FIVE DAYS until the official Smurfs 2 soundtrack hits! The soundtrack includes "Ooh La La," "Vacation" by G.R.L. and eight other insanely fun songs from the movie. Pre-order your copy NOW. And don’t forget — The Smurfs 2 hits theaters July 31st in the U.S. Click here for international release dates.

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