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Pre-Order 'Britney Jean' Now!

Pre-Order 'Britney Jean' Now!

It's Britney Jean pre-order time, bitches!!! The eighth studio album from our very own Britney Spears is now up in the official Britney Spears Music Store. Pre-order now, and you will receive an instant "Work Bitch" download, plus the download for "Perfume"* on November 5th.

The deluxe version of Britney Jean will include alternate album art and a few extra songs. Stay tuned for details on upcoming Britney Jean bundles that will include some sweet merch and presale codes for Britney's Las Vegas shows!

Click here to place your pre-order for Britney Jean now!

*Britney co-wrote "Perfume" with Sia, and it's one of Brit's favorite tracks off the album. I smell a modern-day "Everytime," aka another Britney ballad that's bound to make me sob into my Starbucks. Proof.

Now get to work bitch and place that pre-order now!

Don't miss a Britney beat — follow blogger Britannica on Facebook and Twitter! Get to work bitch, and pre-order "Britney Jean" now. To purchase tickets to see "Britney: Piece of Me" in Las Vegas, click here.

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