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'Perfume' Music Video Premieres Next Week + Teaser

'Perfume' Music Video Premieres Next Week + Teaser

The music video for Britney's latest single, "Perfume," hits next week on VEVO! Whew, finally. "And while I wait (for the "Perfume" music video)... I put on my perfume..."

Check out the video teaser below! xx

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By soccer | 12/10/13 - 10:12AM

can't wait to see it, looks super cool

By Niawati | 12/06/13 - 11:12PM

i can't wait for the video, it will be totally amazing video that you ever made. Love you B

By Ch0c0late | 12/06/13 - 01:12PM

Great. Just asked Brit. on twitter and I got the answer. I believe that the music video is spectacular as same as the song.

By EdwardKayle2013 | 12/06/13 - 04:12AM

I just eagerly waiting for her new album..she is mind blasting by all means..Check out <a href="">body kit</a>

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