>05/19/13 - 6:29pm

'Ooh La La' Will Hit iTunes On June 16th!

'Ooh La La' Will Hit iTunes On June 16th!

In usual fashion, Britney's track for the upcoming The Smurfs 2 flick leaked last week. Most of me absolutely hates when Britney's stuff leaks... but a teeny tiny part understands — it's Britney, bitch! It's soooo haaaard to wait patiently for the Queen's new tunes, 'cause us fans always want moar, moar, MOAR!

But I also love the anticipation of it all! It's super exciting, and leaks make my job a real pain in the bum. The good news is that the real version of "Ooh La La" will hit radio and iTunes on June 16th! That's not too long to wait. Smiling

Smurfs 2 is scheduled for release on July 31, 2013. xx

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By gimme | 05/25/13 - 01:05AM

Ya Quiero Escuchar La Version Original, El Demo Se Escucha Estupendo!!! Smiling

By soccer | 05/22/13 - 08:05AM

NOW that's a cute smurfed themed quote !!! but yea it does ruin the anticipation of it Sad love the photo britney loooks realy cute

By mcvenriq | 05/21/13 - 02:05PM

.. in some parts of the song is so Madonna, definitively i loved

waiting for the single version

By kimo_atto | 05/20/13 - 08:05AM

cant wait for it tho?! love u Britney ..xxoo..

By ChrisNajar | 05/19/13 - 08:05PM

" smurfed its way onto the internet today Sad "

Why are you so cute Britney ?

The leak is no surprise, big artists always have leaks, it shows how relevant they are. And we all know who Britney is.

Silly question... will Smurfette's new song be part of the new album, or is this just part of the soundtrack of Smurfs ?

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