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'Ooh La La' Music Video Premiering Tomorrow At 12pm ET

'Ooh La La' Music Video Premiering Tomorrow At 12pm ET

Finally!!! Britney's "Ooh La La" music video starring her boys Sean and Jayden premieres TOMORROW at 12pm ET on VEVO! (I'm obsessed with Jayden's "Catcher in the Rye" T-shirt.) She teased us earlier today with a few GIFs from the vid... I can't wait to see it, it's going to be SO adorable watching Brit Brit dance among miniature mushrooms. ♥

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By soccer | 07/11/13 - 09:07AM

oh lala love the photo of britney and her boys she does look realy cute Smiling well i'll check it out after i get home from work !! Smiling

By kimo_atto | 07/10/13 - 07:07PM

wooowwww immmmmm ohhhhhhh la la la la la la la......alreadyyyyy ......she looks cute/hot and her boys adorable u Britney .xxoo..

By MARIANAXZC | 07/10/13 - 03:07PM

Oh lala very sexy song, Amazing video. As always britney lov333 her boys Eye-wink, They are so cute.
☺☺☺ Oh lala i wanna c the movie ya¡¡¡¡


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