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'Ooh La La' Available Now On Vinyl

'Ooh La La' Available Now On Vinyl

Can't get enough "Ooh La La"? Yeah, me neither! Lucky for us, a collector's version of "Ooh La La" + "Vacation" by GRL is now available in the music store. Get it while you can — the 7" blue vinyl is only available for a limited time! xx

Purchase "Ooh La La" on iTunes now!

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By montyross | 07/27/13 - 05:07AM

This is an amazing track!! And its great that it is now available on Vinyl.

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By soccer | 06/27/13 - 09:06AM

totaly awsome

By kimo_atto | 06/27/13 - 01:06AM

awesome, plus oh la la is #22 on billboards pop charts and #85 on billboard hot 100, let us make it jump to top 10 on billboard hot 100 #britney'sArmy....

love u Britney ....xxoo....

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