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Official 'Perfume' Lyric Video

Official 'Perfume' Lyric Video

While we await the music video for "Perfume" (that Britney is shooting right now as I type this!), tide yourselves over with the official new lyric video! And be sure to sing along so loud that your neighbors question your perfume obsession... xx

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By mo_the_huge | 11/20/13 - 03:11AM

Perfect song

By Ch0c0late | 11/19/13 - 01:11PM

I feel adrenaline moving through my veins every time I listen to Perfume. Ah! What a beautiful song! One of the best song ever. Britney's songs, voice, beauty is kinda inspiration to me and Perfume is a special inspiration too. Well, don't wanna lose her.

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