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Official 'Britney Jean' Track List

Official 'Britney Jean' Track List

Check out the official Britney Jean track list, featuring collaborations with, T.I. and Brit's own lil sis, Jamie Lynn! I. Can't. Wait. xx

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By Ch0c0late | 11/13/13 - 04:11AM

You are great. Words can not express my feeling against you but the only thing that I can say is "I love you. I feel you. I live with you. You are my goal, life, breath, feeling." I am only a teenager & student and I need a friend but who can be the best friend except you MS. Britney Spears. I have only one friend, well, you're the only one. Please consider me, a fan who is crazy for you. Hope you yourself read this comment. If you're reading, please know that I am crazy for you. Your life style is the best and this is why you're successful in every situation. I love to do my best in my life whenever I see your interview, your beautiful life, and your beauty. Just continue. What a beautiful and lovable human-being. There is ton of things I wanna say but as I said words can not express them. Just wish one day I sit(Maybe stand but I'm a bit couch potato) apart you and talk to you. Is it possible?

From bottom of my heart.

Happy trails to you my love.

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