>07/24/12 - 3:00pm

New Shot of Britney With 'The X Factor' Producers

New Shot of Britney With 'The X Factor' Producers

Check out this new shot of Britney with her fellow judges and Executive Producers Rob Wade and Andrew Llinares. Brit looks so "Till The World Ends," don't you think?

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By João Vitor Ramos | 07/30/12 - 07:07PM

kkk fact, always emphasizing britney and she is beautiful in a classroom, a sign of success for sure! britney <3

By Balkarcel | 07/24/12 - 09:07PM


By hapy | 07/24/12 - 05:07PM

Britney looks more beautiful as time goes by.

By soccer | 07/24/12 - 03:07PM

well not realy the hair styles are different the jackets are not the same but they are both rockin cool

By kimo_atto | 07/24/12 - 03:07PM

i mean the hair is not the same but they both wearing jackets and she does look like cool pop/rock style
but on the left she looks cute , on the right she looks sexy ....
i love them both, she looks great in both pics u Britney ....

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