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New Britney Single 'Work Bitch' To Premiere Sept. 16th

New Britney Single 'Work Bitch' To Premiere Sept. 16th

YOU GUYS. You guys. It's happening. Britney just tweeted that the new single, "Work Bitch," off her eighth studio album will be premiering this Monday, Sept. 16th at 6pm ET. AND the epic sure-to-be-hit will be available on iTunes later that night at precisely 12:01am ET. She also just wrapped shooting the music video, directed by Ben Mor (the brain behind's "Scream & Shout" ft. Britney). The Britney Army is clearly pumped, seeing as #YouBettaWorkB was a worldwide trending topic pretty much immediately after the announcement. I'm dreaming of sick lyrics and dance-worthy beats! Perhaps a little "Get Naked (I Got A Plan)" mixed with a little "Till The World Ends" and just a pinch (a pinch, I said!) of "Big Fat Bass. "What do YOU hope "Work Bitch" sounds like? xx

Pull back the curtain, and show us what ya got. #YouBettaWorkB

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