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Mega-Fan Lives Out Our Dream & Interviews Britney

Mega-Fan Lives Out Our Dream & Interviews Britney

Woooow. The latest winner of PopSugar's "I'm a Huge Fan" contest got to meet and interview BRITNEY SPEARS! That's, like, only our biggest dream EVER. Winner and mega-fan Jenny got to (sorta) experience life as Brit Brit by learning to sing with Britney's vocal coach, dancing with one of B's backup dancers and even creating her own signature perfume. Check out Jenny's journey in the below videos (and how adorbs is Jenny's friend and partner-in-crime Nathan?!) If Jenny didn't seem so darn sweet and deserving of this amazing honor, I'd be über-jealous. The sweetpea was crying! Oh, who am I kidding; I'd be snotting all over myself, too. Hope you enjoyed every glorious second, Jen! xx

Interviewing Britney:

"Well, I love to cook, I love to shop, I love to work out, I love to have lunch with my girlfriends — it's a must. And I love talking on the phone." —Britney on what she does in her free time

Meeting with Britney's vocal coach:

"'Toxic' was hard because it's all attitude. [Britney] will be singing, kinda working, and then she gets in the studio, and it's like a flashlight just pops on, and she's got all this attitude. When you meet her, she's not like that, she's just regular. Then you get to see her perform and she's just high wattage." —Lis Lewis, Britney's coach at The Singer's Workshop

Dancing like Britney and making scents:

"[Britney] is a sweetheart. She's funny, and she still inspires me today." —Ava Bernstine, Brit's backup dancer

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