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Media Previews Tracks From 'Britney Jean' At VIP Listening Party

Media Previews Tracks From 'Britney Jean' At VIP Listening Party

A few lucky media types and industry insiders got a sneak preview of several Britney Jean tracks last night at's Hollywood recording studio. (If I lived in LA, I so would've been there!!!) Britney discussed what the album means to her (along with revealing her in-studio snacks — sushi and Skittles), and attendees listened to tracks "Alien," "Don't Cry," "It Should Be Easy" and "Tik Tik Boom," which some are dubbing third-single material. A snippet of what the Interwebs are saying about last night:

"It's not all party jams on Britney Jean. 'Alien' is a midtempo but powerfull follow-up to 2007's 'Piece of Me' that chronicles Spears' life in the spotlight. "We all have moments in our life where we feel a little alienated," Spears said of her fame. On the chorus, the singer assures listeners that they're 'not alone.'" —

"Spears looked fab. Her signature blond hair was down and fell over her shoulders. She wore tight black pants, a sleeveless black shirt and black heels." —E! Online

"Probably the most impressive track of the night was 'Tik Tik Boom' featuring T.I. and produced by Antony Preston – you could definitely see Britney’s face light up during this song as she shook her shoulders; Will.I.Am could not sit still through it." —

"Britney said that a lot of the songs have to do with the break-up that she experienced this year with longtime love Jason Trawick. Cameras were rolling the whole time — they’re filming a documentary and have been for the past few months." —

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By soccer | 11/29/13 - 11:11AM

she looks both stunning and beautiful and happy Smiling

By KELECHI NWOKIKE. | 11/24/13 - 11:11AM

How are your children Britney? I love you and God does too.

By ChrisNajar | 11/23/13 - 11:11AM

She looks fantastic. So beautiful. Damn, Brit is such a lovely girl !!

Can I have a Piece Of You Britney?

By Ch0c0late | 11/22/13 - 01:11PM

"The singer assures listeners that they're 'not alone."
Thanks Brit. I really need this kinda thing of you. I've waited so much to read this. Thank you again. Yeah! I'm note alone. I'm sure that you meant that I have you. Right? I do not love to remember that day but do you remember the day when you cried at Britney Spears Dateline interview & Britney: For the Record? Well, I cry in this way. Do you know why? Because I love you and need you. So I need more of this. Thanks again. Gained more energy and pride to live better.

From bottom of my heart: "I want to believe, It's just you and me. I'm your friend and try to be cool."

Now I'm stronger than yesterday.

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