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Media & Critics Are Slayed By 'Work Bitch' Music Video

Media & Critics Are Slayed By 'Work Bitch' Music Video

The world premiere of Britney's "Work Bitch" music video has pretty much slayed the media all across the nation. Check it out for yourselves:

"Britney 'Hotney Jean Godney' Spears is not just giving you Spearitual armography this time around. She is giving you hip-thrusting, body-twerking, hair-flipping cardio movement. Energy. THE FIRE IN THE EYES." —MuuMuse

"Our dear Britney Spears has unleashed upon the world the music video for her EPIC dance track Work Bitch and I gotta say … I kinda love every effing second of the vid. Forever slayed." —Pink is the New Blog

"'If Britney wants to "live fancy,' she must master the art of applying makeup in the desert, literally whip dancers into shape, and writhe around on a platform in the center of a shark-infested pool. She's doing a pretty good job. " —Vulture

"It's hard not to become fixated at the visuals, either because you actually find it entertaining or because it's so friggin' great to have Britney circa 2001 back." —E! Online

"The video is classic Britney. In a sex-dripping, fierce fashion we haven’t seen from her in years, she, quite simply, gets to work. Bitch." —The Daily Beast

"The 31-year-old mom-of-two shows off her enviable physique, while strutting and posing in the new music video for her latest single, 'Work B-ch.' She clearly hasn't missed a dancing beat since the days of 'I'm A Slave 4 U.'" —NY Daily News

"In between costume changes in various glamorous locations, Spears returns to her dance roots. And when she isn't dancing and writhing around, she's generally just kicking butt, whipping dancers into shape. ...Oh, yeah, let's not forget the moment where mannequins explode just because they can." —

"Britney's not afraid to bust out a few dance moves, and she's definitely more than willing to show off her body with plenty of revealing S&M-inspired outfits. Even though the premise of the video is a little unclear, we're going to go ahead and give Brit an 'A' for 'Abs.'" —PopSugar

"Britney’s body looks absolutely incredible — especially in those super sexy outfits. We’re literally flashing back to her 'Slave 4 U' video. " —Hollywood Life

"...a return to form for the pop icon." —Fuse

"In the music video for her club jam about good work ethic, Britney Spears finds herself stranded in the desert with nothing but a bra and a team of well-trained backup dancers. And have bra, will dance bitch." —Celebuzz

"One moment she's in the desert, the next in front of a pool of shimmering water. It's all hot bodies and extravagant cars, Spears flaunting a sexy bikini body while she wields a dominatrix-esque whip." —Billboard

"Hot body? Check. Lamborghini? Check. Sippin’ martinis and lookin’ hot in bikinis? Check and check. Britney’s back, and she’s here to work, bitch. She’s even brought some whips, gags, and sharks to the party." —Entertainment Weekly

"...everybody in Congress probably has a bit of free time today and can take in this music-video bit of inspiration that's tailor-made for them. And they're not the only ones this video is perfect for: If you're a big fan of Brit's early-'00s belly-baring costumes and dance moves, you'll also love it." —Glamour Magazine

"After announcing a residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Britney's latest spectacle emphasizes the wild side of the Casino Capital by featuring sharks, bondage, partying and raw desert landscapes." —Digital Spy

"BritBrit is as beautiful and bouncy (and barely clothed!) as ever, and her new video is pretty much the most AH-Mazing thing ever we've ever seen or heard!" —Perez Hilton

Brit's got the mainstream media on her side, and naturally, the gays love the Work-B video, too! Some of my fave LGBT-focused press:

"...the beats and synths mutate and grow into a bundle of pent up energy striving to be released, before the climax hits, and all goes wild!" —Renowned for Sound

"The imagery invokes the spirit of the now queer classic flick Showgirls, no doubt another tip of the hat to her gay fans as well as a tease for her upcoming two-year residency at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. ...see if you don’t agree that Britney isn’t just embracing her LGBT fans, she’s literally commanding us to work, bitch." —

"Serving dominatrix chic, Britney masters showgirl poses and floor dancing in her scorching new video for "Work Bitch," the drag queen anthem of the year." —

"In the video Britney poses and thrusts, shimmies and tosses her hair, through a series of visually striking locales — Britney in a barren desert, Britney in the headlights of a sports car, Britney in a high-end sex club wielding a riding crop — all the while cracking the whip (literally) on her army of servile, lady cat burglars/backup dancers. And seriously, Britney hasn’t looked this good in a very long time."—FrontiersLA

"She just killed us... with her talent!" —WeHo Confidential

"Britney has become a Bond villain. And that idea kind of excites me." —GayRVA

GIFs via MTV Buzzworthy.

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By kimo_atto | 10/05/13 - 06:10AM

great! now lets work b**** and make it into the top 10 and hopefully will reach num 1 ....
love u Britney.. xx00..

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