>11/25/13 - 5:07pm

Listen To 'Britney Jean' In Full Now On iTunes

Listen To 'Britney Jean' In Full Now On iTunes

Finally!!! Britney Jean is streaming in full on iTunes Music! Which track is your favorite?? xx

Click here to listen to Britney Jean now!

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By itsdiegobitch | 11/28/13 - 12:11AM

love it.

By Ch0c0late | 11/26/13 - 05:11PM

Finished studying and now I'm listening Britney Jean on iTunes.

1. Alien: Actually I got that I'm not alone(I have Britney Spears). It's completely related to my life and Britney, you have touched me completely.
2. Work B**ch: Dancing.
3. Perfume: Crying ... I feel you Britney. I want you. Best voice ever!
4. It should be easy: Cool! I'm not able to control myself. Feel adrenaline moving through my veins and I'm shaking my buddy. hehe!
5. Tik Tik Boom: Britney made me tik tik boom. Love it!
6. Body Ache: hehe! I wanna kick/touch it. Still shaking my buddy. Britney you made my body ache. Indeed, I'm a lucky boy because I have you. I believe that I got more stronger. Now I can continue my life better.
7. Till it's gone: Singing loudly as you're singing. Now everybody/neighbors got that I love you and I have you.
8. Passenger: My tears are pouring down my face. I really love you. You're part of me.
9. Chillin' with you: Appreciate your collaboration. Beautiful. When I listen you, I expect the best life. Well, I love you.
10. Don't cry: I dunno how to express my feeling. I believe you know it.

Good Job! Thanks a lot. New album, new life. Britney, you're part of me. Happy trails to you.

By jian25 | 11/26/13 - 04:11AM

Britney is one of my favorite Singer/Performer in our industry. Most of her songs has a sexy beats and blow me away. AMAZING! IDOL! Eye-wink Thank you for posting.

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