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iTunes Hosting #AskBritney Twitter Chat This Friday

iTunes Hosting #AskBritney Twitter Chat This Friday

Got questions for Britney? Of course, you do! Brit will be doing a Twitter chat with @iTunesMusic this Friday at 6pm ET. Send 'em your questions using #AskBritney! xx

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By Ch0c0late | 12/05/13 - 11:12AM

A very active Brit. hehe! I should study and live in convergence with you. Great! And it makes me more active than ever. Love the way you live. All the time you keep going. Have a break Brit. I believe that you've received the fruit of your labor since the album is published. Also, the picture is very attractive. Cute, beautiful, and lovable.

By ChrisNajar | 12/04/13 - 10:12PM

She looks stunningly beautiful in this picture Laughing out loud

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