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How Britney & 'The X Factor' Are Taking Over Social Media

How Britney & 'The X Factor' Are Taking Over Social Media

It's Britney, bitch! No one can get tongues waggin' on Facebook and Twitter like Britney Spears. Our girl has yet again helped set a record during The X Factor season premiere last month, igniting 1.4 MILLION comments from viewers on both Twitter and Facebook, making it the most talked about premiere for a television series ever. Check out a few more impressive stats in the below info graphic, courtesy of Team Britney and Bluefin Labs!

*tiny claps* WELL DONE, BRITNEY!

Tune in to The X Factor every Wednesday and Thursday at 8/7c on FOX.

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By sidneyheidi | 03/26/13 - 01:03PM

she always in my mine...
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By soccer | 10/06/12 - 09:10AM


By Balkarcel | 10/05/12 - 11:10PM

I <3 Brit

By mo_the_huge | 10/05/12 - 09:10AM


By kimo_atto | 10/04/12 - 12:10AM

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww,our girl,Britney till the world ends, love u Britney....

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