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Hang With and Britney This Afternoon!

Hang With and Britney This Afternoon!

Wanna hang out with Britney and friends? Yeah, dumb question. ME TOO!!! is hosting a LIVE Google+ hangout today at 4:15pm PST / 7:15pm EST, and he's invited Britney Spears (and Miley Cyrus and Nicole Scherzinger) to hang with him! Join the chat by tweeting your questions to @iamwill using hashtag #willpowerhangout. And be sure to watch the livestream HERE at 4:15pm PST! xx

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By Balkarcel | 04/30/13 - 05:04PM

Britney 4Ever

By ChrisNajar | 04/23/13 - 08:04PM

Edit: They repeated the hangout. I could see Brit Brit. She's just precious, stunning and good looking as always. Britney is a PRINCESS. And will always be.

But I do stress my petition. How about a Hangout with her and us fans?

Who's with me ?? Smiling

By ChrisNajar | 04/23/13 - 08:04PM

I came a little late and couldn't watch Britney, which is the only one I care for. Hey Brit Brit, how about a nice treat to your real fans and organize a Hangout exclusively of YOU and your longtime fans?

I'm kinda tired of all this " Gomez-Miley Cyrus" thing going on. These a**holes are trying to get their 15 minutes of fame by using Britney's name. I hate that.

I only love Brit Brit Sad

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