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Get The Lyrics To New Britney Single 'Perfume' Now

Get The Lyrics To New Britney Single 'Perfume' Now

Balladney is back, bitches. Britney revealed some of the lyrics from her forthcoming single, "Perfume," last night on Snapchat, along with the single cover (above).

Couple #Perfume sneak peaks coming your way tonight people : )
Add me on @Snapchat to see how the story unfolds... 'britneyspears' -@britneyspears

And NOW we've got the "Perfume" lyrics in full right here on MetroLyrics! Just a sample of the emotion-driven ballad, co-written by Britney and Sia, that's already got me teary-eyed:

I wanna fill the room, when she's in it with you
Please don't forget me
Do I imagine it, or catch these moments
I know you got history
But I'm your girlfriend, now I'm your girlfriend trying to be cool
I hope I'm paranoid, that I'm just seeing things
That I'm just insecure

(via MetroLyrics)

Yep. Pretty sure this song is going to leave me a blubbering mess. xx

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a very personal song for britney looks like a hit tune Smiling

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