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Game On: Vote Britney For March Music Madness

Game On: Vote Britney For March Music Madness

NCAA March Madness kicks off today, but you don't have to be a basketball fiend to participate in all the, er, MADNESS! The best part of MM are all the March MUSIC Madness tournaments, and we've got two going on for ya right now:

It's Britney Spears vs. Beyoncé in CELEBUZZ's March Music Madness Semifinals. Which Queen B will reign supreme? Better be Britney! Cast your vote now.

"...Baby One More Time" narrowly beat out Hanson's "MmmBOP" in PopCrush's "Greatest Pop Song of the Modern Era" bracket. Now it's Brit vs. the Backstreet Boys — cast your vote now!

I'm in it to win it, y'all!

Don't miss a Britney beat — follow blogger Britannica on Facebook and Twitter! Get your copy of "Britney Jean" now. To purchase tickets to see "Britney: Piece of Me" in Las Vegas, click here.

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By soccer | 03/21/14 - 09:03AM

britney is 1 cute hoopster

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