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Final 16 Revealed Tonight On The X Factor

Final 16 Revealed Tonight On The X Factor

Tonight, the judges will whittle down The X Factor contestants from 24 to 16. Britney's dreaded this part of her judging job, saying, "It's going to be kind of hard having to be in this situation to tell them no and to make them go home. That's probably the hardest." Which four teens do you think will make it out of Britney's "Teens" group tonight — Arin, Beatrice, Carly Rose, Diamond, James or Reed? Comment, and tune in to The X Factor tonight at 8/7c on FOX. xx

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By Balkarcel | 10/18/12 - 09:10PM

Tonight is the night!!!

By kimo_atto | 10/17/12 - 10:10PM

im with carly rose ,BritneyTeens, love u Britney....

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