>07/08/13 - 3:14pm

Fans Eagerly Await Britney's Next Album

Fans Eagerly Await Britney's Next Album

When the Britney Army speaks, our voices are almost always inevitably heard. Our girl's upcoming eighth studio album has been voted the most anticipated record of the year on both Billboard and Celebuzz! Brit Brit tweeted that she's feelin' the pressure on this one and promises it to be her most personal album yet. What do y'all hope to see on this album? Comment with your thoughts! Personally, I hope she does some writing on this one and maybe a surprise collaboration — tbh, a Britney-Adele track would be my dream. The year is more than halfway over, so hopefully we don't have too much longer to wait!!! xx

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By Quemando y Gozando | 07/11/13 - 10:07AM

<a href="">this is sooooo coooooolll!!! I'm looking forward to this</a>

By julie dodsley | 07/10/13 - 07:07PM

sory i didnt mean it in that way i should hav said, on a softer note...

By Itsbritneybitch000 | 07/10/13 - 12:07AM

Omg can't wait for this new album. I think that a good idea for a collaboration would be britney and lady gaga or maybe a collab with lily Allen?! Oooh can't wait!!!

By kimo_atto | 07/08/13 - 11:07PM

i hear you Britannica, Britney-Adele track will be awesome , also im happy that the oh la la video will drop on the 11th that's what rumor has it "lol".......Love u Britney..xxoo,,

By ChrisNajar | 07/08/13 - 11:07PM

I voted like crazy...

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