>06/19/13 - 12:54pm

Fans And Critics LOVE 'Ooh La La'!

Fans And Critics LOVE 'Ooh La La'!

Oops!... she did it again! (Ha, that phrase never gets old.) The critics are loving Brit Brit's newest track, "Ooh La La" for The Smurfs 2 soundtrack. I know I certainly can't stop listening... it's on repeat as I type this. OK, alternating with "I Wanna Go." Anyway. Here's what the media has to say:

“Plenty of adults will find themselves cranking it up 'for the kids.'” Grade: A- —Entertainment Weekly

“Momma Spears' kid-friendly track is energetic to the point of hyperactivity, caroming from a rap section to an acoustic-guitar-driven chorus to a buzzy electronic breakdown. Smurftastic?” —USA Today

“…the pop star definitely hasn't lost her taste for booming dance beats.” —Los Angeles Times

“Now that you've heard it, just try to get it out of your head.” —Rolling Stone

“The track does indeed slide into that Smurf-y sweet spot of sugary synth-pop.” —Billboard

“#PRAISE! IT'S FINALLY HERE!! Britney Spears' contribution to the "Smurfs 2" soundtrack is called "Ooh La La," and it's a bouncy, lively track that's perfect for kids of all ages. Seriously, anyone between the ages of two and 32 WILL LOVE IT.” —MTV Buzzworthy

“The new tune is pop sugary goodness for the masses. We can't help but bob our heads to the beat!!!!” —Perez Hilton

“ 'Ooh La La' has the bite of a Britney club banger with the whimsical quality of a kids' soundtrack tune. In all, the single shimmers like a summer pop anthem." —

Oh, and that's not all! The Britney Army is pretty obsessed, too... check it:

It reminds me of her bubblegum pop time in a sexy way! —@tiospears

It's a perfect summer song that works perfectly for a kids film while also pleasing the fans! —@joseonyx

One of the cutest songs we've ever heard! Turkish fans love #OohLaLa! —@BritneyTurkiye

it's a cute and catchy song, reminds me of BOMT and OIDIA era! <3 #loveit —@mayuyi_

OohLaLastic! —@hernanmartz

can't wait for the music video xx —@I'mASlave4U

It's amazing! Perfect for the summer. —@mj_maxim

I think it's a great song for the Smurfs. I'm extremely excited to see her sons in the video! —@JordanFatale

Cute song for a childrens movie. It´s catchy and I love it. —@pips1985

#OohLaLa is SUMMER. —@Liketheonlyboy

When you listen to #OohLaLa, don't you guys feel like it's 1998, again? I have listened to it at least 50 times today. —@ChrisNajar

I think we need to make #OohLaLa the song of the summer!! —@412ink

Baby don't be shy! I see that spark flashing in your eye #OohLaLa #BuyOohLaLaOniTunes —@RoarAshley

#OohLaLa is a fabulous song! —@cestkevvie

If my car could talk. So many drivers saw me dancing in the car to #OohLaLa —@TheRealSpiceBoy

@RealBRITannica Very important question! Will you and @britneyspears be my #oohlala? —@PeterDeeTM

Purchase "Ooh La La" on iTunes now + get "Vacation" for free!

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By CharlieAnderson | 07/06/13 - 03:07AM

Completely entertainment package, love to hear that song more and more times. She is a rock star when she perform it brings fire on the stage. <a href="">saucony australia</a>

By KELECHI NWOKIKE. | 06/22/13 - 05:06PM

I love you.

By kimo_atto | 06/20/13 - 07:06PM

loved loved the song, but now i cant wait for the video....
plus, Britney is up against gaga and beyonce in the mid billboards for the second half of the year for her new album.....

voting voting voting and i will keeeeeeeeeeppppppp voting till the world ends..........

love u Britney ..xxoo..

By Balkarcel | 06/20/13 - 03:06PM

I Love It

By BryTry | 06/20/13 - 12:06PM

Ahhhh omg, my tweet got mentioned. So awesome. @therealspiceboy

By soccer | 06/20/13 - 09:06AM


By mcvenriq | 06/19/13 - 04:06PM

my chest was full of emotion so nice to read comments, well for britney! ❤

By ChrisNajar | 06/19/13 - 02:06PM

I see my tweet in the list. Thank you @britannica Eye-wink

The song is just lovely. Quite different though! It's very catchy, like most of Brit's songs.

What makes me really, really happy is that the whole world is showing love and support towards Britney. All the crap that tabloids and media say sometimes is mere bulls***. WE, her loyal fans, love her and will support her, all the days of her life.

Just like I read in a fan's Twitter profile page: I am a proud Britney Spears fan ❤ ❤ ❤

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