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Enter To Win a Signed Copy of 'Britney Jean'

Enter To Win a Signed Copy of 'Britney Jean'

Wanna win a SIGNED copy of Britney Jean? You better work, bitch. is giving away two copies of the album (both of which were actually touched by the Holy Spearit herself), and all ya gotta do is Like Idolator on Facebook, create an Instagram video or Vine explaining why you deserve to win using the hashtag #BritneysBiggestFan and fill out this contact form.

Check out for full details. Now get to work, bitch! xx

Don't miss a Britney beat — follow blogger Britannica on Facebook and Twitter! Get your copy of "Britney Jean" now. To purchase tickets to see "Britney: Piece of Me" in Las Vegas, click here.

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By Bryannorth1 | 01/09/14 - 07:01AM

I would enjoy winning a signed copy of you're new album. Especially if you delivered it to me at work. I am you're ultimate fan, take care and behave!!! You know where I work!!

By ChrisNajar | 01/08/14 - 06:01PM

I'd give anything to win one copy.. but I don't have a FB account.

I wish there was a contest once in life that didn't include Facebook. There is Google+ and Twitter, y'all!

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