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E! Online Reveals Sexy New 'Intimate Britney' Photo

E! Online Reveals Sexy New 'Intimate Britney' Photo

The folks at E! Online have revealed a stunning new shot of Britney for her Intimate Britney Spears line of lingerie!

"It is so important for women to feel confident, sexy and empowered, especially in those private moments with the one they love. The Intimate Britney Spears will do exactly that," Britney exclusively revealed to E! News. "Each line in the collection is beautiful with vintage-inspired details and fit for all women."

Saying she "can't wait" for fans to see it when the intimate apparel goes on sale this September in the States, Britney added, "I love feeling sexy, so this is definitely a passion project for me." Speaking of sexy Britney — did you catch my lil round-up of Brit's 20 Best Bra-And-Panty Moments?? This new shot has unofficially been added to the list. xx

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