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The Critics Love 'Work Bitch' (Naturally)

The Critics Love 'Work Bitch' (Naturally)

The media heard Brit's plea loud and clear, so they got to work (bitch!) and churned out praise after accolade after compliment about B's newest smash hit, "Work Bitch". (I expected nothing less.) Here's what they had to say:

"How The World Has Changed Since Britney Spears Gave Us 'Work Bitch'" —BuzzFeed**

"The song is tailor-made for the dance floor. Spears lets listeners know that, whatever they want in life, whether it be a Bugatti, a Maserati, or a hot body: 'You better work, bitch.'" —Entertainment Weekly

"The pounding dance track, which features mostly spoken lyrics, serves as a testament to the fine things a strong work ethic can bring about." —Rolling Stone

"'Work Bitch' smacks of 'Blackout'-era Britney in production and lyrical content... 'Work Bitch' takes risks that were not present on the (highly enjoyable) 'Femme Fatale' singles — and Spears has earned the right to take risks. This is not paint-by-numbers pop. Go tell the police, the governor, the state congressman, the barber, the guy who works at your local Burger King — go tell whoever you need that Britney is back." —Billboard**

"Spears sets high, rap-informed standards for those who dare to reckon with her glittering, Vegas-informed reality: 'You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work, bitch.' And as the propulsive club banger gains steam to skittering, lawn-sprinkler synths, the pop diva dares to sing, 'Go call the police! Go call the governor!' with traces of a British accent. Early critics were right — that part of 'Work Bitch' really is the best, albeit just one of several great quotable lines here." —Idolator

"The adrenaline-fueled, smokey-voiced Britney Spears is back, and she wants you to know that it is time to werk, The beat is hard, the drops are heavy, and her voice is demanding. The jam of fall 2013 is here." —Refinery29

"Britney’s Spearitual delivery and fierce enunciation that sets the track apart and makes it a distinctly Britney banger. The track allows B-Girl to have some fun with her vocals like never before, confidently playing with those syllables like it’s a game of Twister Dance." —MuuMuse**

"What do we think? Well, pardon the excessive vowel usage, but GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRL — it is perfect. OK, so we may exaggerate a lot around here with all of our 'goddess this' and 'flawless that talk, but believe us when we say, totally straight-faced, that 'Work Bitch' will, without a doubt, usher in an era of world peace and global harmony the likes of which humanity has never seen." —MTV's Buzzworthy

"It’s a total club banger and I am now even more excited for Brit’s next album of songs I can pretend to strip to in the privacy of my bedroom." —The Frisky

"The track is everything we know and love about modern-day Britney: pulsing club rhythms, vocals that blend bad-bitch attitude and robotic authority, and the return of Brit’s inexplicable British accent. The only thing it’s missing is a Ru Paul sample, but hey, you can’t have everything." —Popdust

"The thunderously, energetic club banger is a forward-thinking dance-pop tune that stands out in comparison to, well... basically everything else on the radio today. The dance track is a massive and incredibly exciting way to kick off this brand new Britney era. Think of this song as Britney's promise to command the music scene once again." —Teen Scene**

"The iconic artist is definitely mixing things up — bringing in a very new sound — and we have to commend her for it. There’s a reason Britney has stayed relevant after all of these years — she isn’t afraid of trying something new and when she makes a creative choice she sticks to it 100%." —Hollywood Life

"We can safely and confidently say [Britney] is like Madonna — a pop diva who throws us for loops and stays ahead of the trends instead of following them. It's urgent and intense, and finds Brit reinventing herself. ‘Work Bitch’ will have you dancing on the floor until you’ve sweated off several pounds." —PopCrush

Get to work b**ch, and buy "Work Bitch" on iTunes now.

** Denotes Britannica's favorite reviews.
Awesome "Work Bitch" image via John Gara/BuzzFeed.

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By kimo_atto | 09/17/13 - 11:09AM

she sang "work b****" and they really worked b****!!!! and gave us the amazing lines about the song and of-course our beloved one the legendary "its Britney B****!" u Britney..xx00..

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