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Britney's Original 'Slave 4 U' Dancers Break It Down

Britney's Original 'Slave 4 U' Dancers Break It Down
Check out this epic video of Britney's original "I'm A Slave 4 U" dancers breaking down the moves during a Dancers Alliance and SAG-AFTRA celebration earlier this month! The event showcased some of the industry's most epic music videos, including "Slave." While Brit's iconic video played on the big screen, the dancers took the stage, led by Brian Friedman and Andre Fuentes. Britney tweeted the video, saying, "Look at this epic Slave 4 U dance reunion. Wish I could've been there... they're all still so fierce a decade later!" Agreed, girl. Check it out:

And here's the original — just for fun and because Brit Brit wears her sexy pink panties on the outside of her jeans:

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