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Britney's Official 'Ooh La La' Video Premiere

Britney's Official 'Ooh La La' Video Premiere

It's heeeerrrree!!! Britney's "Ooh La La" (only the music video of the summer) has just premiered on VEVO — DROP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND WATCH RIGHT NOW!!! I totally have a girl crush on Smurfette... and Brit Brit, of course. PS aren't Sean and Jayden just adorbs?? I see two superstars in the making! xx

Share the new video with our fellow Britney Army and spread the word that The Smurfs 2 soundtrack will be out in less than two weeks! The soundtrack includes "Ooh La La," "Vacation" by G.R.L. and eight other insanely fun songs from the movie. Pre-order your copy NOW. And don’t forget — The Smurfs 2 hits theaters July 31st in the U.S. Click here for international release dates.

Purchase "Ooh La La" on iTunes now!

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By Balkarcel | 07/13/13 - 09:07PM

It's a Beautiful Woman in this video!!!

By mcvenriq | 07/12/13 - 09:07AM

→ the video is a beauty, britney looks extremely beautiful and I loved seeing their children, two beautiful knights. ❤

By ChrisNajar | 07/11/13 - 07:07PM

Everything Brit Brit touches turns into gold. She is just A M A Z I N G !!!!!

The boys trying to dance to the music in the final part of the video is priceless.


By kimo_atto | 07/11/13 - 05:07PM

lovely song for the kids and she look sooooo cute and her boys r cute and cooooooooooool LOL....they are funny .....LOve u Britney..xxoo..

By soccer | 07/11/13 - 03:07PM

Ooh La La Brit loooked beautiful the song is both fun and cute . and yes her two boys are adorbs !!! Smiling

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