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Britney's Manager Spills New Music Details

Britney's Manager Spills New Music Details

Adam Leber dropped a few hints on Twitter last night about Brit's upcoming eighth studio album. I know it's still super early, but that doesn't mean that I'm not REALLY FRACKING EXCITED!!!

Ester co-wrote "(Drop Dead) Beautiful)" off of Femme Fatale and has worked with other hitmakers like Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Chris Brown, Usher and Nicki Minaj. While Hit-Boy has never worked with the legendary Britney until now, he has produced for megastars like Kanye West, Jay Z and Justin Bieber.

New music, bitches! I. Can't. Wait. xx

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By azgaylatino | 01/21/13 - 06:01AM

Hope its not true Britney that will i am is gonna produce ur ablum Please dont I like his stuff but his music usually sounds computerized and well IDK girl just hope YOU are in control of this album

By Weareonbrittyteam1 | 01/15/13 - 03:01AM

Dear Ms. Britney,
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Best wishes and shine like a true queen of art, for you are beautiful, sexy, smart, and very talented, Ms. Britty!

By WeareonBritty | 01/14/13 - 10:01PM

Hi Ms. Britney,
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By kareaycom | 01/13/13 - 04:01PM

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By We support quee... | 01/12/13 - 03:01PM

Hi Britney and Tya,
I requested a new password sent to the previous account on Yahoo but I couldn't access the account. This is another one. And, this time, I didn't check the box that says "stay connected" because I believe your camp has some illuminati satanic hiders. You should seek them out and evict them!
Also, I saw online that Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are puppets and sex slaves for them now. Please help them!

By ChrisNajar | 01/11/13 - 08:01PM

What the hell has to do Britney with the queen of England or princess Kate? I'm kind of lost with the chat in here.

By We Support Brit-Ty | 01/11/13 - 08:01PM

You are probably aware of Taylor Swift's "bad" romance with A-lister stars. Well, let me point out something that's not evident. I read online that she believes in fairy tale romance and has a red lip. Red is the color of Christ for Love or the MARK OF A DEVIL. She is the latter. Look at her face and especially her eyes. They are very ugly. The guys she date, which I have read about and seen some versions of the songs online, are A-listers. They are the best of the breed. She, on the other hand, are not. Which is why the constant breakup. A-lister men know a true princess, you, and not the Taylor kind. Fairy tales happen when two people match. She is denying reality which is that she is not a princess and will never get to live in a castle, like Imposter Kate. Therefore, another devil revealed. Britney, your ex- is perfect for Taylor! One is a gold digger and the other digs for gold, while both are fake.
You should learn from the men Taylor date and choose someone like the ones she go after! A-lister men for an A-lister queen =) Fairy tales do end nicely, for a just and proper and pretty princess like yourself!

By Support Britney | 01/11/13 - 02:01PM

Britney! I can't wait for your 8th release! So excited! I have to still buy your other albums as well! I bought like 2 so far! But you know what? Never fear, Britney, for you are a true princess and I mean it! Now you are only a step away from being queen =) I mean, look at that imposter in England who is married to William. The world over makes fun of her, from calling her waity Kait to gold digger Kate to commoner Kate. But I really think she is beneath all the labels because she is a fake. If you study all the comments directed against her and now the Queen of England, whom I don't like anymore, you realize that they both are mean spirited, vicious and very harmful to the world. They are not good models and will be defeated, I guarantee you. However, you Britney are beautiful and the world loves you! Don't worry about the insane institutions and the illuminati control. Jerks. They don't know anythere because you are smart, talents, and very beautiful. Never let anyone control you again, Britney. I know having been locked up, like 12 times, in asylum hospitals. Enough is enough. Never fear, britney, for I am behind you 100%! God bless, and may you shine and defeated the dumb control freaks and especially watch out for Chinese honey sex seducers like Lucy Lui and her evil types. Not only that there are nasty men out there who want to put you down, again. Don't Britney. I am behind you and will support you!

By soccer | 01/11/13 - 08:01AM

it's going to be not just epic but super awsome

By Balkarcel | 01/10/13 - 12:01PM

I Love U, Britney, I need your new CD!!!

By ChrisNajar | 01/09/13 - 06:01PM

I. Can't. Wait. Either. Love. U. Brit. Brit.

By kimo_atto | 01/09/13 - 04:01PM

It's gonna be epic and best album of 2013 , love u Britney ..xxoo..

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